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A Look Into Brooke Army Medical Center

A Look Into Brooke Army Medical Center - Your San Antonio Community - Miliary Life - Karina Gafford - - San Antonio - Texas - Homefront United - Real Estate

San Antonio is home to the largest military healthcare organization in the Department of Defense, Brooke Army Medical Center. Located at Fort Sam Houston, BAMC provides quality care to military service members, families, veterans, and civilian emergency patients throughout the San Antonio community.

How San Antonio Became ‘Military City USA’

How San Antonio Became 'Military City USA' JBSA Karina Gafford Your San Antonio Community Real Estate Texas Homefront United

You’ve probably heard San Antonio be called ‘Military City USA’, but have you ever wondered why? The city of San Antonio has a rich history and deep roots with the military that date back to the 1700s.

341st Training Squadron At JBSA-Lackland

The 341st Training Squadron at JBSA-Lackland is the only military working dogs training facility in the Department of Defense. Since the 1950s, their main focus has been to provide training to military working dogs (MWDs). These dogs are trained in patrol, drug and explosive detection, and other specialized missions for the Department of Defense.

UT San Antonio & Military Partnering Up For New Trauma Research Program

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio will be home to the Trauma Research and Combat Casualty Care Collaborative. The research at the new center will focus on improving how medical professionals help civilians and military patients recover from physical and emotional trauma. This research center will be the first of its kind in the entire United States.