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How San Antonio Became ‘Military City USA’

How San Antonio Became 'Military City USA' JBSA Karina Gafford Your San Antonio Community Real Estate Texas Homefront United

You’ve probably heard San Antonio be called ‘Military City USA’, but have you ever wondered why? The city of San Antonio has a rich history and deep roots with the military that date back to the 1700s.

Parent’s Guide to Randolph Air Force Base

If you’re newly stationed at Randolph Air Force Base or curious about what the San Antonio holiday season has in store for you and your family, then look no further! We’ve compiled a list of nearby family-friendly attractions and holiday festivities that will keep the family entertained all month long.

Randolph Air Force Base: Home Of Pilot Instructor Training & Combat Systems

Randolph Air Force Base, also known as the “Showplace of the Air Force”, is located in northeast San Antonio and is home to 4,423 military members and 5,291 dependents. JBSA-Randolph is one of the Air Force’s busiest airports as it is the premier base for pilot instructor training and combat systems officer training.

Things to Do While Stationed at Randolph Air Force Base

Situated on the edge of San Antonio lies the heart of the Joint Base San Antonio, “fondly known as the Showplace of the Air Force.” With the sound of freedom overhead and stunning Spanish colonial architecture, JBSA-Randolph is a thrilling base to call home.